Florida Man Attempts To Rob ATM With Blowtorch; Instead Welds Doors Shut

All signs are showing that it is going to be a brutally hot summer! Being that today is the first day of summer, we couldn't let it go by without hearing about Florida Man! Those crazy stories that involve our fellow Floridians that makes us wonder if it's the heat, the bugs or something else. For...
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The Best Beaches In America

As we welcome the Memorial Day weekend, many of our thoughts turn to the coast, the smell of sunscreen and the feeling of your toes in the sand. Fortunately for us, three of the top 10 Beaches in America are in Florida, where Siesta Key Beach , in Sarasota, rates number one for 2017. Florida...
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Florida Zoo For Sale On Craigslist

Through all the years of the Internet, Craigslist has never been one to disappoint. In the business for sale section of the Oklaoosa County Craigslist page is a 10 acre zoo for sale in the panhandle town of Crestview that straddles I-10. The Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park is a USDA...
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