Secret Santa Is Stressful Enough For Some Wishing It End In The Workplace

Secret Santa, which is the practice of drawing names via a hat or an app and purchasing a gift for that person under anonymity until the gift is revealed, sometimes with rules about a dollar value maximum, has become a common tradition at home and in workplaces around the holidays. It’s intended to...
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Nearly Half Of Americans Feel Pressure To Overspend During The Holidays

Spend, buy, debt. These are words that many Americans associate with the holidays. However a new survey finds a growing number of people are fed up with the pressure. 45% of gift shoppers feel pressured to reach deeper into their wallets than they’re comfortable with, according to the 2018 Bankrate...
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Save Money On Your Student's Class Photos

The new school year is in full swing and that means school photos just around the corner. Even the rise in digital photography hasn't slowed demand for school photos with 96% of parents saying they want official school photos of their children. However it can be easy to spend a hefty sum of money...
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