Talcum Powder Alternatives

Talcum powder, also known as baby powder, has been used for decades on the skin of babies to prevent diaper rash, those suffering from eczema and to prevent chaffing in sensitive areas. Most recently a jury awarded $29 million to a woman who says she got cancer from using baby powder. There have...
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Woman Host "Boob Voyage" Party Prior To Mastectomy

Progress is being made in the war again cancer as the American Cancer Society reported overall cancer deaths were down nearly 2% from 2017 to 2018, continuing a trend of more survivors beating their cancer. Breast cancer death rates declined a whopping 39% from 1989 to 2015 thanks to improvements...
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Only 1% of Women Knew This Was A Symptom of Ovarian Cancer

We've seen the success of drawing attention to a cancer killer in breast cancer awareness month, which wraps up tomorrow. Big steps in early detection have been credited to a drop in breast cancer deaths. But self-awareness can also be an indication of another deadly cancer affecting women...
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Cancer Rates For Women Growing Six Times Faster Than For Men

Some disturbing news from a report that says cancer rates for women are rising six times faster than in men. Estimates predict that over the next 20 years, cancer rates for men will rise half a percent and a staggering 3% for women. By 2035, 4.5 million women and 4.8 million men will be diagnosed...
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