Seems There Is Proof That Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed Leaves You Grumpy

Perhaps it's not the quality of sleep that puts you in a bad mood but the side of the bed you wake up and get out of that matters. A survey of 2,000 people has found that those who get up on the right side of the bed are more likely to feel grumpy and tired in the morning, take longer to shake...
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Tow Easy Tricks To Keep You On Track For A Perfect Body

As we prepare for warmer days and trip to the pool and beach, now is when you stop noticing changes to your body. You aren't losing any more weight or your muscle tone seems to have plateaued. Before giving up out of frustration there are two very easy tricks to boost your body into getting back...
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Teen Proposes Prom Date With A 5.5 Mile Run

Spring is around the corner, kids in Marion, Citrus, Columbia, Dixie & Levy County are on spring break and prom is just around the corner. Over the years we've witnessed some spectacular stunts, or proposals, of people asking for a date. For 2017 it appears Joran Fuller of Findlay, Ohio has set...
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Eating Out For Lunch Everyday Is Dangerous To Your Health

Opting to eat out for lunch today instead of bringing it from home? While an occasional lunch out is OK, having too many lunches out not only can leave you broke but can be dangerous to your health. Writers for a new book, Packed, say that restaurants routinely offer lunches that are too high in...
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Dog Fitness Class For Humans

Man's best friend may be teaching us a trick in living well as a new fitness boot camp offers humans -only class that exercises like dogs. Work Out Like A Dog was created to show humans just how beneficial dogs’ favorite outdoor activities can be. Each class lasts 45 minutes and is a mixture of...
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Weekend Workouts As Beneficial As A Week Of Exercising

Some good news if you can only find time to exercise during the weekend, you might still be getting the benefits as those who work out more frequently. The risk of early death is as low for those who meet recommended activity targets in one or two sessions a week as it is for daily exercisers,...
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Impatient Man Attacks Couponing Mom In Checkout Line

Using coupons at the checkout lane? Ain't no one got time for that! Perhaps that’s the battle cry for a crazed man who attacked a woman at a grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee over the weekend because her attempt to save money was taking too long. Megan Wilson says she was sifting through her...
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Fleeing Fugitive Stops At Drive Thru For Food While being Chased

Being a fugitive from the law can make a man hungry. 35-year-old Joshua Adkins was driving through the streets of Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday night when police tried to stop him for an outstanding warrant. A short chase ensued but to protect the public safety on busy streets, police cars backed of...
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potato chips

Simple Hacks To Revive Stale Chips and Bread

So you are hosting a football party at your house this weekend. You prepared all week in buying the wings, the dip, the chips and the drinks. However your growing son with the bottomless pit of a stomach help himself to some chips and let the bag open. Now your chips are soggy and stale. Not to...
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