How To Opt Out Of The Netflix Test Of Inserting Ads In Between Episodes

Earlier this week we mentioned that Netflix has begun to insert commercials and programming promos in between your binge-watching sessions . While Netflix is testing out the idea, you can opt out of the ads, at least for now, if you prefer to keep your binging pure. To opt out, you will need to...
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Safety Features You Should Opt For When Buying A New Car

With Labor Day two weeks away it is becoming obvious that 2018 is coming to an end. For car dealers that means they're under pressure to sell remaining current year models. The good news for you is today's cars have more safety features than ever, however the features and gadgets offers can be...
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Dating App Allows Friends To Become Matchmakers

Pride yourself in being a matchmaker? Now you can take those mad skills online with Hinge Matchmaker. While Hinge already offers singles to search for love online , this new app lets those who are not single to play matchmakers with those already on Hinge. The app works by reviewing your friends to...
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