Good News About That Fitness Tracker 10,000 Step Goal

Fitness trackers know about 10,000. That's the goal many set for you for the number of step to take within a day. While that may be quite a challenge when you have projects due on a tight timeline, there is new evidence that suggests that people who step less than half that amount may still see...
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Breakdancing Could Actually Be an Olympic Sport in 2024

Get in your B-boy stance, you might take home the gold
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Tonya Harding Reportedly Will Compete on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Yes, Tonya Harding will compete in the upcoming "all-athlete" season of the hit show.
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How To Keep Up With Curling

Now that you've been mesmerized by the sport of curling, you don't have to wait four more years before being captivated again. If you really want to get into the world of curling, add the World Curling Federation website to your bookmarks. They’re the world governing body for curling accreditation...
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Gus Kenworthy Is Bringing Home 90 Dogs Set To Be Slaughtered From South Korea

Here's another reason you're gonna love US Olympian, Gus Kenworthy. The freestyle skier made headlines off the course four years ago by adopting five stray dogs that roamed the streets of the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. Now that the 2018 games have come to a close, Gus is coming back home with some...
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Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir Will Host the Closing Ceremony at the Olympics

They were stars before the 2018 Olympics started, but they've become super stars during the Pyeongchang games. Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir will host NBC's coverage of the closing ceremony. The pair have become fan favorites as they have worked as color commentators for the network's figure...
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