Make Your Own Mosquito Wipes

Make your own mosquito wipes with a few ingredients including a roll of paper towels, citrus and cinnamon essential oils and castor oil.
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EPA Adds Botanical Thymol To List That Kills Coronavirus

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added cleaners containing the ingredient " thymol " to their list of approved coronavirus-killing products.
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Brown egg

Never Wash An Egg

At best, you're just doing what's already been done. At worst, you're potentially promoting the spread of bacteria.
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Your Essential Oil Diffuser May Be Making Your Pet Sick

Essential oil diffusers may be making your pet sick.
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Has Coconut Water Been Over-Hyped?

Coconut water has been hailed as a healthy alternative to sugary fruit drinks and carbonated beverages. However those claims may have been exaggerated. Medical doctors and experts warn to not follow the hype without getting the true information on this trendy drink. Coconut water is the clear...
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How To Keep Your Pumpkins To Last Longer

Halloween is a fun-scary holiday but there is nothing scarier than a sunken, sad pumpkin. Don't let your festive carved pumpkins go from sweet to scary. Put on a delightful display all season long with these tricks to extend the life of your pumpkins. First, handle your pumpkin with care and try...
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Taking A Look At The Most Popular Cooking Oils

Fat in the nutrition world has gotten a bad rap. Shunned as being bad for your body, organs such as the heat, uses fat as its primary energy source. One of the good sources of fat sits in the cooking oil aisle but in an ever-growing shelf of selection, there are many options of cooking oils to use...
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Waxing Woman Accidentally Glues Together Her Armpit

Don't you hate it when you accidently glue your armpit together? Not a commonly uttered phrase but it is a risk associated with body waxing. Kiera Stirton knows it all too well as she managed to glue her armpit together thanks to an attempt to wax away her hair. Kiera tried to do some at-home...
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Is CBD Oil Legal?

Last week a 69-year old Tennessee great-grandmother made national news when she was arrested entering an Orlando theme park for possession of CBD oil . Cannabidiol, CBD, has been increasingly used to treat many ailments, such as arthritis, which the great-grandmother has been using prescribed by...
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Is Seaweed Safe To Eat?

It wraps our sushi and with the growth of Asian cuisines, more Americans are experiencing seaweed as a food. So there is some missing information on the health benefits (or drawbacks) in eating seaweed. First, the term seaweed covers a gauntlet of different varieties but the main three you may come...
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