When Was The Last Time You Washed Your Office Coffee Mug?

Although we wash our dishes on a regular basis at home, when was the last time you washed your office coffee mug? But before you race out to the office kitchen to give it a scrubbing, using the communal kitchen sponge is likely worse for you than letting your mug sit at your desk. As you fill you...
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Most Annoying Part Of Your Job is...?

When it comes to work, what would you consider the most annoying part of your job? Replacing paper in the copy machine? Wasteful meetings? The refrigerator thief who steals your leftovers? According to a Cornell University study, listening to the sound of co-workers’ conversations is the biggest...
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Metal Lobster On The Loose In Marion County

You could make an argument this is an Only in Maine story but for this one we head to Summerfield, where a 76 year old woman returned to her home from an extended trip to discover things weren't the same as when she left. In particular, her shoes were rearranged. In a statement to a Marion County...
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Emails Interfering with Personal Time is More Harmful Than Previously Thought

It would be hard to imagine a business world without email and it would seem even hard to imagine life outside of work with it being interrupted with them. As hard as we try to not check out in boxes during personal time, it is causing unhealthy imbalances between work and life, as the results of...
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