Springs Celebration and Chili Cook Off

Alachua County Environmental Protection Department, Florida State Parks, and The Friends of O’Leno invite citizens to the O’Leno Ole’ Chili Cook-Off (from 9 3:00 p.m.) and Springs Celebration (from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.), on Saturday April 1st, at O’Leno State Park. Park admission is waived with...
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Facebook To Automatically Play Audio While Scrolling Past Videos

The one thing Facebook likes to do is change things up from time to time. The latest change, to in Facebook's words to enhance the "customer experience" may be one of the more annoying changes. Very soon, if it hasn't already happened, when you scroll past videos in your timeline, the muted audio...
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Carjackers Drop Off Kid And Wish Him A Good Day At School

Even criminals know the value of a good education. As winter grips everywhere but Florida, 10 year old Richard Rodriguez was hoping to warm his parent's car up before they took him to school in a suburban Chicago neighborhood. He started the car and patiently waited for ih parents to open the doors...
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Florida Man Wacks Car Salesman With a Golf Club Because He Only Won A $5 Gift Card

When you check the mailbox more often than not there are cards and letters from car dealers, filled with offers of free gift cards, TVs and cash! 83 year old Lindsey Owens of Sarasota received a mailer from a local car dealer promoting a big sales event and that if Owens came to the event and...
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Modern Workers Take Less Time Off Than Medieval Workers

Who works more often, modern mankind or medieval mankind? As difficult as conditions were to live hundreds of years ago, medieval men and women averaged more than 7 times more vacation days than the average modern employee. The average 13th century laborer enjoyed 25 weeks off per year versus time...
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Man Sues After Spending over $3,000 On Non-Winning Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

What happens when you spend over $3,000 on lottery scratch off tickets without a single winner? You sue to get your money back, right? Although it sounds weird to suggest suing because you lost at gambling, an Italian man has successfully won a huge payment from the country's National Lottery after...
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