Live Oak International

Here is your chance to win tickets to the 28th Annual Live Oak International, March 7th through March 10th at Oak Plantation. The largest international-level combined driving and show jumping tournament in the country, the Live Oak International attracts some of the best drivers, trainers, coaches...
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Town Bans Clowns From Attending Halloween Party

Not everyone loves a clown and around Halloween, they can be downright creepy. It's why the city of Oak Park, Michigan have banned people from dressing up as clowns at its annual Boo Bash Halloween party, because they're too frightening for children. The town's recreation department says in light...
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How To Avoid Wines That Are "Too Oaky" In Flavor

No doubt the popularity of wine has grown over the past few years and not all taste palates are the same. Generally the biggest turn off a person has is that the wine "tastes too oaky." It is a conundrum, considering most wines are aged in oak barrels, how can you not avoid an oak flavor? There is...
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