Not-So-Common Ways To Get Quality Sleep

8 Hours of sleep are mostly a dream for many. The traditional methods of reading, counting sheep and listening to rainfall simply don't work. So for you, perhaps some not-so-traditional methods will benefit you. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed and immediately when you wake up. Your...
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Some Honest Talk About Your Underwear

On to a subject that many avoid but an important one for your overall health. It involves your undergarments, or underwear. Doctors say the wearing synthetic fabric underwear is not breathable and can lead to bacterial infections. Although cotton underwear may not sound fun, they really are the...
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Never A Good Reason To Jog Nude in Public

Running is good exercise but it's a good idea to make sure if you are running around the neighborhood to wear proper clothing. Early Tuesday morning, a Redmond, Washington police officer was patrolling the Microsoft corporate building when she saw a moon; and by moon we don't mean the one in the...
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