Why Your Text Messages Have Empty Boxes

Ever notice some text messages you receive contain empty boxes or out of context symbols or letters? It's not because the text sender is having a stoke or accidently butt-texted you. It's because your device does not support the emoji that has been received. Conversely, not every emoji you send...
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The Best Time To Clip Your Finger And Toe Nails

Clipping your finger and toe nails is essential for proper grooming but let's face it, clipped nails can end up half way across the room as the clipping action seem to fly everywhere. But there's a way to tame nail flying and it's to clip your nails after a bath or shower. You see those tough nails...
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Should Non-Smokers Get Extra Paid Time Off As Compensation For Smokers Taking Breaks?

Yes, Smokers take time off from work to smoke, so I should get compensated.
100% (3 votes)
No, non-smokers can also take scheduled breaks and not smoke, so there is no need for additional paid time off.
Total votes: 3
A Japanese company offers an additional six days of paid time off a year for non-smokers as compensation for smokers taking 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Do you think your employer should offer paid time off for not taking breaks to smoke?
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Should Florida End Daylight Saving Time?

Yes, we should just keep the clocks the same all year long.
86% (50 votes)
No, Daylight Saving adds more sunlight to my winter days.
14% (8 votes)
Total votes: 58
Massachusetts and Maine are studying the possibility of moving from the Eastern Time zone to the Atlantic Time zone to add more daylight in winter hours. The move would essentially end Daylight Saving for these states. Would ending the bi-annual changing of time, back an hour in November and up an...
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Expecting Mothers May Need More Meat in Their Diet

A new report links not eating enough meat during pregnancy to a high risk your child will have a drinking or drug problem. The study for 15-year olds were almost twice as likely to indulge in underage drinking and smoking nearly three times as likely to be smoke weed if their mothers who did not...
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Tom Petty Dead at 66-Years Old Of Cardiac Arrest

10.3.17-12:00am-A statement released from longtime publicist for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Tony Dimitriades, confirms the death of Tom Petty . "On behalf of the Tom Petty family, we are devastated to announce the untimely death of our father, husband, brother, leader and friend Tom Petty...
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Grandparents Aren't Too Wild Over The Names Of Their Grandchildren

Choosing the name of your child is no easy feat. While some names have been kept tucked away inside your brain for years, you still have to navigate through family traditions, current trends, and of course their own wishes. And through all this vetting you are still not making your parents happy...
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Kitchen Items To Keep Out Of The Dishwasher

Based on its name alone, you would assume cooking and kitchen dishes are meant for the dishwasher. But not all cooking utensils should be cleaned in the machine. Cheese graters should be washed by hand as sticky cheese cannot be completely cleaned from the grater holes. Same goes for a garlic press...
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People Get Grumpier As Temperatures Rise

From the "no kidding" file, science confirms that summer heat makes us grumpy. Researchers from Northwest University concluded that as the temperature rises, people become crankier, less cooperative, and less likely to help others. in one experiment where data was collected from mall employees in...
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Recyclable Item Quiz

Recycling is becoming easier for everyone but not everyone knows what can be recycled and what shouldn't be placed in the bin and that could be a costly problem for the city of Ocala. The city can be fined people placing non-recyclable items into the recycle bin. The problem is many items people...
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