Do This One Thing First When You Get A Job Offer

41% of job candidates negotiate every job offer, good or bad, and or those who did negotiate, 83% say they received higher pay.
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The Sweetheart Conversation Hearts Are Back for Valentine's Day 2020

Last year, we had to celebrate Valentine’s Day without a favorite holiday treat. The Sweetheart conversation candy hearts were missing from Valentine’s in 2019 when in 2018, the New England Confectionery Company (Necco) announced they would be closing their doors and no longer producing the classic...
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Make New Christmas Traditions

Traditions are what make holidays extra special. While they take a little extra planning, every tradition adds up to create Christmas memories that will last a lifetime. And when they grow up, your kids will carry them on to their own families! The best part of traditions is that you can begin one...
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When To Repair Or Replace Your Car

One of the best feelings in the world is making your final car payment! Now all you are needing to pay for is gas, insurance and maintenance. But eventually, those repairs start adding up, with even routine maintenance inching up into the hundreds-of-dollars realm. Is it time to retire your ride...
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The Hallmark Channel Hosting Its First-Ever Christmas-Con

When you know you are good at something, take advantage of it in every way possible! The Hallmark Channel has made a name for itself with embracing Christmas, all year long (and do a really good job at it)! So it really isn't surprising that they've announced their hosting their first-ever “...
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Make Your Old Phone Feel New

Apple launched its latest version of their Phone last week as well as Samsung releasing its latest Galaxy phone earlier this month. While both phones offer a slew of updated features, their hefty price tags will give you reason to pause and re-evaluate you need for a new device. However there’s a...
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The Kitten Airbnb

If you love kitten, you'll want to book a night in Hoboken, New Jersey to stay at the The Kitten Airbnb , aptly titled Kitten BnB! It is run by Jess Thoren who has been fostering animals since 2016, and in the last three years, she’s saved over 100 kittens. To help get her kittens adopted she...
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High-Tech Garbage Can Seals In Stinky Trash

After a long day at the office, nothing will ruin your relief of coming home than smelling the garbage can! Thankfully there's a high-tech garbage can, called Townew, which not only seals in odors, it also seals and changes the trash bag for you. All you have to do is press a button, wait a few...
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Crocs With Built-In Socks

Is the world ready for Crocs to come with built-in socks? The answer is yes! Crocs and streetwear company Alife unleash a new collection: an ordinary pair of Crocs, but with a pair of tube socks attached to them. The collection features three new Crocs styles, the "Art," "Jibbitz," and "Classic"...
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New Coke Is Back Thanks To Stranger Things 3

The date was April 23, 1985. The Coca-Cola Company launched a sweeter reformulated version of its namesake to replace the original formula. However the public did not like it and within three months, the company reintroduced Coke's original formula in what many say was one of the biggest blunders...
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