Most People Are Not Friends With Their Neighbors

In decades past, it wasn’t uncommon at all for the average family to know each and every one of their neighbors living close by on the same street. Times have changed wth 1 in four people say they consider their neighbors mere acquaintances at best. Sadly, nearly a quarter wouldn’t dream of...
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Lottery Winners Cause Neighbors To Declare Bankruptcy

Tonight's Powerball lottery jackpot is the second highest in history, with an estimated $700 million in prize money up for grabs. While we all hope lady luck is in our corner, your neighbor may be jinxing you. Neighbors of lottery winners are significantly more likely to declare bankruptcy within a...
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Florida Neighborhood Rally To Help Displaced Elderly Neighbor

Sometimes you need to hear of a story that restores faith in doing the right thing. We head down the gulf coast to Hudson, Florida, just north of Tampa where an elderly woman had lived with her husband in their home for 35 years. Sadly, Angie Tyma's husband passed away and the woman fell on hard...
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