Tips To Ease Sore Muscles After A Workout

Here are some tips to ease your sore body
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Group Warns Of Kids Sitting In "W" Position Beyond Two Years Old

Doctors are warning parents that a popular child sitting position can be hazardous to their physical health. The Pediatric Therapy Center says children who continue to sit in the "W" position, where their shins, calves and feet extend outward from the knee, after their 2nd birthday may not properly...
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App Adds Abs, Hair and Tats To Your Photos

No time for the gym yet you need to up your game for that Christmas card photo? Mete the Manly app, which will gladly add some muscles, tattoos and even a nice tan to your photos! The app for Apple and Android is simple enough. Want some ink on your sleeve? Simply select from one of the tattoo...
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