Firefox To Automatically Mute Autoplay In Tabs

Few things are more annoying when surfing the internet than some random video autoplaying in one of your 10,000 open tabs. Thankfully, Firefox users will finally be able to visit a new website without an autoplay ads lasts through your speakers starting next month. According to Mozilla, the makers...
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Web Extensions That Will Help Ease The Political Ads Until Election Day

Election Day is just a few weeks away and that means targeted political ads are ramping up, with some of them downright nasty. There's a good chance you’re seeing targeted ads on Facebook based on your activity both on the platform and around the web. For those of us who are looking for ways to...
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Let These Two Pricing Tool Websites Help You Shop Cheaply On Cyber Monday

If you didn't shop 'til you dropped black Friday or Shop Local Saturday, you've got one more big potential spending spree with Cyber Monday. But let's face it, it can be a challenge to find the deal in between answering phone calls and numerous meetings today. Fortunately there are a couple of...
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