How To Estimate Value Of Coins In A Coin Jar

There's an easy way for you to estimate how much money is in your change jar without counting it.
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Encourage Your Kids To Exchange Their Piggy Bank Coins For Paper Currency

Coronavirus will be known as the virus that caused shortages, including coins
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Coronavirus Causes Nationwide Coin Shortage

The Federal Reserve is scurrying to supply coins to banks in the midst of a coin shortage caused by the pandemic.
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Last Chance To Get Stimulus Check Electronically Deposited

If you are done waiting for the check in the mail, the IRS says you can upload your banking information by noon tomorrow (5/13/20) by visiting IRS dot gov and clicking on "Get My Payment."
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Make Sure You Get Your Coronavirus Relief Money

Intuit Turbo Tax has created a Stimulus Registration tool that walks you through the process of filing a minimum tax return with the IRS, then asks for your direct deposit information so you can get your payment more quickly.
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How You Can Help Fire-Raged Australia

By now you've seen video footage of the devastating fires raging through Australia. At least 25 people have died as of January 6th, along with millions of animals, including many found nowhere else on Earth. At least 25% of the koala population has already died, a grim number considering the koalas...
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Sneaky Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Welcome to November! By the end of this month, our bellies will be stuffed with Thanksgiving and our sights will be focused on Christmas. But with just three paychecks left until the big day, a little help in stretching your dollar a little further is always appreciated! So here are some sneaky...
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This May Be Why It Is Hard To Save Money

If you find it hard to save money for a rainy day, you are not alone! Analyzed numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the average American earned $78,635 in 2018 and spent $61,224 of it, which means we’re spending about 80% of our income. After taxes are taken out, that percentage jumps...
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Smishing Is Seriously Growing As Scammers Update Their Tactics

Smishing certainly sounds silly and harmless but it has become a serious fraud risk that can rob a person's life savings in the blink of an eye. The word smishing combines SMS, the primary technical format for text messaging, and phishing. As in other phishing attacks, the criminals masquerade as...
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Rules Of Borrowing Money From A Friend

Friendships can stand the test of time and the stresses of life in nearly any capacity, except when it comes to money. It’s notoriously difficult to lend money to, and borrow money from a friend. Most people vehemently advise against it, usually because they’ve been burned by people who don’t pay...
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