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Ways We are Shortening The Life Of Our Phones

Ways we are shortening teh live of our phone.
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Freezer Burn Facts

Freezer burn happens to the best of us. From once red beef faded to brown and a layer of ice crystals on the top of your ice cream, there’s no reason to fear freezer burn. First off, freezer burn foods are safe to eat (although the taste may be affected). Freezer burn is just dehydration that...
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Cutting Cake To Keep It Fresher Longer

It's hard to believe you've made it this far in life and are cutting cakes the wrong way! If you've noticed fondant cakes don't fare well in the refrigerator, it's not your imagination. It's all because of the way you cut a piece of the cake out. Typically cutting a triangle piece out of a circular...
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Simple Hack To Keep Tomatoes Fresher Longer

The summer season means your garden and grocery store is overflowing with red, juicy tomatoes. So many in fact you can't possibly eat all of them at one sitting nor should you gobble up all their deliciousness in one sitting. But as ripe tomatoes sit, they quickly turn into rotten tomatoes, here’s...
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Simple Hacks To Revive Stale Chips and Bread

So you are hosting a football party at your house this weekend. You prepared all week in buying the wings, the dip, the chips and the drinks. However your growing son with the bottomless pit of a stomach help himself to some chips and let the bag open. Now your chips are soggy and stale. Not to...
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