Secret Ways Your Everyday Activities Are Slowing Down Your Metabolism

One of the frustrating aspects of controlling your weight is your body's metabolism. Although we tend to think we have little control over it, we can speed up the process of burring energy. However many everyday habits are secretly slowing down your metabolism.
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Our Resting Bodies Tend To Burn More Calories In the Late Afternoon

You are always burning calories, even when you are sitting on the couch. Sadly for us, this calorie count does not add up to the number of calories in a slice of chocolate cake but we are indeed using energy. Come to find out, even at rest, our bodies burn about 10% more calories in the late...
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Choose One: Healthier to Eat The Donut Or Just Skip Breakfast?

Time for a quick game quiz about donuts and breakfast. The only rule about this quiz is that you must choose one of the two answers. OK, here we go. You wake up and race into work. Next to the coffeemaker is a pink box filled with donuts. Is it healthier to eat one of those sugary, fried donuts...
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Beat Jet Lag with these tips!

Jet lag can leave you dragging, but a new study says you can beat it by having meals when you would at your destination the day before you fly. For example, having dinner five hours later before flying to the UK. Scientists from the University of Surrey predict altering eating times could help...
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Diet Pill Deceptions

Miracle pills have always been sought and most of those miracle pills involve weight loss. While vitamins and supplements can assist you in trimming your waistline, there are some outrageous claims that sell the miracle but fail to deliver. Supplements say they can increase metabolism, improve body...
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