Cat Purr Emulator

We have found the best web site ever, an emulator that creates a cat's purr. Purrli is a free web site that creates the purring sound a content cat. Best of all you can customize it, from a sleepy cat, which purrs at a slower pace to how close you want your virtual cat to be to you! You can even...
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If You Bought A Snuggie From TV You May Be Getting Your Money Back

Did you buy a Snuggie off TV in the middle of the night? You could be eligible for a refund. It's the same if you ordered a Magic Mesh Door (an automatic mesh door that's supposed to keep bugs out), Cat’s Meow (an electronic pet toy) and Roto Punch (a heavy duty hole puncher) too. Allstar Marketing...
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Wet Nose Wednesday-5.3.17

Wet Nose Wednesday on 98.5 KTK is presented by Town and Country Veterinarians and Pet Resort , providing the most comprehensive package of services, free for most adopted shelter pets, including a complimentary stool test, heartworm and flea protection, behavioral counseling and a complete spa bath...
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