Why You Shouldn't Thank A Veteran On Memorial Day

Many national holidays are pretty clear-cut. Independence Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day and Flag Day are straightforward holidays. That's not necessarily true for holidays in which we honor the contributions of those who have served in the United States military. Monday we observe Memorial Day and...
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Memorial Day Shopping Sale Dos and Don'ts

Memorial Day weekend is here and if the weather predictions hold true, it will be a wet one. Perfect for shopping as stores historically seek your bring you in to score a few deals. Consumer analyst say this weekend is the perfect time to book your flight and hotels for early to mid-summer...
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Memorial Day Weekend Gas Prices The Highest In Four Years

Some bad news for Memorial Day weekend travelers, it will cost you more at the pump. Gas prices have jumped up 10% per gallon in the past two weeks to a national average of $2.93. The price of gas has spiked a total of 41 cents over the past three months and $.12 over the last two weeks making this...
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