Black Lives Matter Heart Protest

Discussing Racism With A Racist Family Member

Everyone has that one family member who we’d gladly like to steer clear of when it comes to talking about politics and race.
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Foster Pets For Deployed Military Service Members

When a military service member is deployed, it can be for a few weeks to years. That deployment can be quick too, leaving the soldier with a tough decision regarding their pet; find a long-term boarding situation for their pet (which is costly) or face the possibility of surrendering their animal...
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Avoid These Amazon Prime Mistakes

Some would argue that Amazon is the king of retail. There are an estimated 90 million paying Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States today according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and Statista. Of those members, 46% subscribers buy something online using the benefits of their...
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Tips For Working In The Same Office With Your Best Friend

Working with your friend or family member brings its own challenges. As incredible as it may sound spending the entire day with your bestie AND getting paid, it can add a lot of stress upon your friendship and lead to some awkward family get together. So here are some steps you can take, though, to...
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