Keep Whipped Cream From Melting By Adding This Ingredient

There may not be many times when you'll plan for desserts more than Thanksgiving! And let's face it, if you're going to enjoy a slice (or two) of apple, pumpkin, cherry and pecan pie, you might as well enjoy it with whipped cream. The problem, especially on a busy cooking day such as Thanksgiving,...
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Crunchy Taco Shell Hack Will Stop The Dreaded Split

The great news about America is you do not have to wait until Tuesday to enjoy a delicious taco! While our love of crunchy taco shells goes without saying, there is one frustrating problem with them. They generally split when you are filling or eating it! Warming them up in the oven helps. The heat...
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Use An Ice Cube To Relax Carpet Dents

It might sound a bit crazy to purposely let an ice cube fully melt on your area rug or carpet but there’s a pretty good reason to do it especially if you've decided to shake things up in the living room. Heavy furniture can leave behind quite the unattractive footprint on your carpet and the longer...
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