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HIPAA and ADA Laws And Mandatory Policies For Face Masks

By now, you’ve seen a video or two of anti-maskers stating they cannot wear them for medical reasons and claiming HIPAA and ADA laws. However thaty is nothow these laws work.
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The Government Loosens Flexible Spending Account Rules

The Internal Revenue Service made some more rule changes this week to your flexible spending account (FSA).
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At-Home Digital Medical Exam Kits Are Now Available

Visiting your doctor can be tricky at times with schedules and availability. Not to mention the costs. Over the past few years, online doctor visits have been a cheap and quick way to get a medical opinion (and sometimes a prescription) without leaving the house. The only drawback is that the...
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Most Sleep-Deprived Professions

American workers are increasingly strapped for sleep and the professions that deal with life-or-death saturations are the most likely to sleep deprived, a recent study says. About 50% of protective-service workers, such as police, fire, EMT, correctional and military service members reported less...
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The Most Common Medical Error Involves Medications

A new report out this week is focusing on preventable medical harm and although the medical community has worked to reduce medical errors, one in 20 patients is impacted by preventable medical errors with about 12% of preventable patient harm results in “prolonged, permanent disability” or even...
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Is July A Dangerous Month To Be In A Hospital?

Here's some news you didn't want to hear! Hospitals are more dangerous for your health in July than any other month of the year! While you'd think it's because of the increase in summer traveling or excessive "hold my beer and watch this" accidents due to long, hot days, the " July effect " is true...
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Burn-Out is Now A Medical Condition

A big change is coming to the medical word as the World Health Organization is listing "burn-out" as an official disease. It will become globally recognized in 2022, giving healthcare providers and insurer’s precedent to acknowledge, treat and cover symptoms of 'burn-out'. Its definition is "...
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Half Of Americans Put Off Medical And Dental Treatments Because They Can Not Afford Them

A bleak report shows just how bad are medical expenses hurting our bank accounts. Almost half of all Americans say they've put off necessary medical or dental care because it is too expensive and they do not have enough money saved to cover it. Preventive measures and early treatment are the tried...
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The Actual Costs Associated With An Emergency

We'd all like to think that nothing bad will happen to ourselves and loved ones but this is the real world and emergencies can happen in a split second. The problem is most Americans are not prepared for an emergency. An eye-opening report that used census, banking and other data actually...
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Teens Smoke Less Weed In States That Legalize Marijuana

For years lawmakers have cautioned that marijuana would act as a gateway drug for teens, in that it would be the first stop of a lifetime of increasingly harder drug use. But now that 33 states and the District of Columbia have either medical and recreational laws, some with over 20 years to...
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