Kroger Now Requiring Shoppers to Wear Masks in Stores

Add grocery giant Kroger to the growing list of businesses that require masks, not encourage, require. Starting July 22nd all shoppers will be required to wear a mask or face covering while in stores.
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Woman wearing mask on beach

Face Masks Myths Debunked

One problem about masks may circle around old information or misinformation about them, so we're here to clear the air about face masks and coronavirus
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Wearing A Mask Does Not Cause Carbon Dioxide Toxicity

The Internet is at it again!
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Woman wearing a surgical mask

Alachua County: Masks To Be Worn While In Public

The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners passed requirements that people must wear a mask in public while at an essential business.
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Butt Beauty Masks Pamper Your Derriere

We spend millions of dollars collectively each year on skin treatments for our faces, necks, feet and overall skin. But we rarely spend time pampering our butts, so says the creator of Bawdy Beauty , a line of butt beauty masks. Coming in two parts, the masks are perfectly shaped to cover the area...
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Extra Sticky Charcoal Face Masks Causes More Harm Than Good

The latest at-home beauty treatment may end up with you making a trip to the emergency room. Charcoal extra-sticky face masks that harden to a rubber-like texture promises are all the rage, with promises to rid your skin of clogged pores and leave you with younger looking skin. But if you've been...
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