Things You Shouldn't Clean With Vinegar

While vinegar is a great cleaning solution around the house, it isn't the best on certain items. While it is a safe alternative to chemical cleaners it is still an acid which can damage certain finishes in your home. For instance, if you have granite or marble countertops or natural stone floor...
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A Beer Made For A Woman Launched

Just in time for the weekend, a beer just for women! A brewery in the Czech Republic has launched, Aurosa , described as a premium lifestyle beer that is sold in a marble-patterned pink bottle and that has a unique, unmistakably strong taste that is adapted to the elegance of women. A post shared...
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New App Can Predict Body's Excess Gas

Having excess gas can be painful and even embarrassing in certain situations, especially when you are completely aware of what causes your body to produce excess gas. Whether it is a burp or fart you'll never be caught off guard again! Enter the newest app for your phone, AIRE, a digestive tracker...
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