How To Avoid A Flooded Email Inbox hen Returning From Vacation

By now you're travel plans for the rest of the year have been set or at the very least you'll get some much deserved time off from work. Although you try not to think about it, you know the first day back from a vacation will be used to shift through the hundreds of emails that have Benn sitting in...
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App Aims To Unclog News Notifications Sent To Your Phone

If you get alerts sent to your phone then you know that sometimes the notifications are a bit too much and aren't newsworthy to you. Not to worry with the new app called Nuzzel. Rather than news updates automatically sent to your phone, the app curtails them and will only alert you if a certain...
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How Often Do You Wash Your Towels?

It's part of your routine. You shower and you dry off with a towel. Many times when you are dry, you hang up the towel to dry off after your next shower. But how often can you do this before that once clean towel is dirty? Hygiene experts have a number and it is three. Come to find out, towels are...
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