Child Hands Slime

Make Your Own Slime

The good news is creating your own slime is pretty easy.
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DIY: Giant Halloween Spider Decorations

While many homes will be displaying giant blow-ups of pumpkins and witches in their front yard, a simple DIY project can make your Halloween home decor stand out by making your own giant spiders
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Make Your Own Oat Milk

Unlike cow's milk, which can only come from a cow, oat milk can be made a home!
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Make Your Own Mosquito Wipes

Make your own mosquito wipes with a few ingredients including a roll of paper towels, citrus and cinnamon essential oils and castor oil.
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Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Instead of heading to the store to buy sidewalk chalk, make it yourself with the kids!
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Make Your Own Disinfectant Wipes

You can make your own disinfecting wipes with a few ingredients you have on hand that have been proven effective at killing viruses including coronavirus.
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Woman wearing a surgical mask

Make Your Own Coronavirus Face Mask

Now the CDC is recommending everyone wear some sort of face mask when in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Here is how you can make one from a bed sheet.
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RECIPE: Ice Cream In A Bag

A fun distraction project for making ice cream in a bag.
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hand sanitizer

Experts Warn Not To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

The shortageof hand sanitizer has spurred people to begin making their own, using recipes from Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and countless blogs. But just because these recipes exist doesn't mean you should bother.
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Make A Make-Shift Bib With Glad Press N' Seal

Eating some foods come with the risk of dripping sauces or squirting juices, which can be a problem when you're running late for a meeting. Usually you reach for a napkin and tuck a corner of it in your shirt and while this works most of the time, there's a better way to make a make-shift bib, Glad...
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