Rideshare Scams And How To Address Them

Scams, like technology, evolve when new products and services arrive. While Uber and Lyft have made getting around easier, especially when you are visiting new place, they are also home to many old time scams that could rob you blind. So here are the scams to watch out for and how to defuse them...
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Website Compares Costs Of Owning A Car Vs Using A Ride Share System

The introduction of Lyft and Uber has revolutionized the way we travel across town! In as little as a minute you can have easy, comfortable transportation to the grocery store, movie theater and even work for just a few dollars. So it reasons to question if it is cheaper to use Lyft and Uber...
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More Young Adults Are Buying Cars To Uber

Car makers have been struggling to get millennials to buy cars as many don't even hold a driver license. But it appears the tide is turning as younger adults are increasingly making the plunge and buying a car. However their reason are not for freedom but to make money. A recent report from market...
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