Air Quality Report Rates Our Area High On Quality

Breathe deeply Gainesville, and Ocala, the American Lung Association says the area is one of the top 25 cleanest air cities in America. Gainesville and Lake City air tied for the number 1 spot for cleanest metropolitan areas in the country for particle pollution (soot), with Alachua and Columbia...
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Inhaled Toy Goes Undetected For 40 Years

For about a year, a 47-year old man hadn't been feeling well and had a nagging cough which produced a yellow mucus. Being a smoker for most of his life the outlook looked bleak for the man. After an x-ray was taken, the photo shows a mass in one of his lungs. To find out just how serious the tumor...
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Cancer Rates For Women Growing Six Times Faster Than For Men

Some disturbing news from a report that says cancer rates for women are rising six times faster than in men. Estimates predict that over the next 20 years, cancer rates for men will rise half a percent and a staggering 3% for women. By 2035, 4.5 million women and 4.8 million men will be diagnosed...
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