New Sustainability Program Keeps Product Packaging The Responsibility Of The Manufacturer

The sustainability movement has finally become large enough for corporate America to take notice. It has well-known that packaging used in food, personal products and home goods is a garbage-producing mess. Although recycling programs are helpful, only around 9% of plastics are actually recycled...
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Computer Program Wastes Online Scammer's Time

Most of the time our email filters sort out the junk, and scammers, out from your main email box but from time to time a suspicious email arrives of a person of African royalty seeking to move a large sum of money out of their country and if you help them by providing your bank account information...
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Could Hurricane Matthew Circle Around And Threaten Florida Twice?

Hurricane Matthew has already put itself into the record books as the longest-lived category 4 storm in the Caribbean in 50 years, the longest lived category 4 storm in the Atlantic basin ever in October and if the projected computer models are accurate, it may just threaten Florida twice! The...
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