Cancer Rates For Women Growing Six Times Faster Than For Men

Some disturbing news from a report that says cancer rates for women are rising six times faster than in men. Estimates predict that over the next 20 years, cancer rates for men will rise half a percent and a staggering 3% for women. By 2035, 4.5 million women and 4.8 million men will be diagnosed...
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Crafty Ways To Save $1,000 A Year Without Cramping Your Style

Trying to save money can be one of the hardest things to accomplish when you are running the finances but you can score an extra $1,000 a year by making a couple of tweaks to your life. The best part is these adjustments shouldn't change your current lifestyle! For instance, instead of dining out...
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This Simple Test Could Predict Your Mortality

A morbid topic but one that will happen to us all is the one day it's time to exit this world. But would you want to know the date? For those who are super planners, this may be for you. A Brazilian doctor says he has come up with a simple test you can do to predict how many years you have left to...
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