Life Insurance For Your Children

While having a life insurance policyon yourself is wise, taking one out on your children or grandchildren may not be so wise.
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Last Will and Testament

Find Missing Life Insurance Policies

A new service allows you to search for missing life insurance policies and annuity contracts of deceased family members.
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Order A Life-Size Cardboard Cutout For Instant Company During COVID-19 Isolation

Cardboard Cutout Standees makes custom cardboard cutouts of the special people in your life, and since they’re made true-to-size, you can pose with them for photos until it’s safe to celebrate together in real life
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Glasses laying on cell phone with News on screen

Ways We are Shortening The Life Of Our Phones

Ways we are shortening teh live of our phone.
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How To Live A long Life Without Hitting The Gym

If you want to be as healthy as possible, there are no treadmills or weight machines required. Rather living a long life can be attributed to giving up many automated conveniences of today, say scientists. Researchers have found what they call "blue zones," where the average life expectancy is...
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Lyrics for Life: A Night of Making Music Matter!

Sister Hazel's 3rd Annual Lyrics For Life, An Evening Of Making Music Matter returns to the Santa Fe College Fine Arts Hall with an unforgettable and intimate concert by Tom Higgenson of Plan White T's, Shawn Mullins and Sister Hazel. Silent auction items from The Eagles, Carley Simon, Michael...
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Five Foods That Might Help You Live Longer

We only get one chance at life, so why not live as long as possible? What we eat and drink can impact our likelihood of dying from cancer and heart disease. A study of more than 53,000 Danish adults over 23 years reveals that consuming items containing flavonoids, a type of plant-based bioactive...
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Company Creates Human-Size Mask Of Your Pet

We love our pets and for some there is no limit on how we express this love. Perhaps the creepiest way to show love is to get a human-size make of your pet! A Japanese company has started making masks that are uncomfortably realistic and mirror your cat or dog’s face . The "My Family" line of masks...
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Songs That Sound Romantic That Are Not Really About Love

Valentine's Day is the day you show that you truly love someone and what better way to show that love than by making a mix tape...and my mix tape I mean a playlist. But seemingly lovey-dovey songs aren't always about love. For instance, Extreme's "More Than Words" certainly sounds like a love song...
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A Layout Of Shelf Life Your Condiments Have Both Opened And Unopened

Contrary to the belief that condiments can withstand the test of time and be good for a lifetime residing in your cabinet or refrigerator, they do in fact go rancid and as luck would have it, each condiment has a different shelf life. For the most popular condiment, ketchup, it’s good for one year...
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