Americans Lie About Wi-Fi On Vacation To Not Be Disturbed By The Office

The Internet has changed our lives and the way we take time off from work. A new survey finds that nearly half of working Americans (49%) lie about Wi-Fi access and cell reception while on vacation. In our connected world, it is getting harder to disconnect from work when enjoying leisure time. It...
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Liars Tend To Be Male, Rich And Living In America

Apparently there's an epidemic of pants-on-fire! A study surveyed 40,000 15-year old teens from 9 countries and found that boys lie more often than girls. It also found that children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds tended to lie more often than those from lower ones and North Americans appear...
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Woman Lies To Police In Hopes They Find her Stolen Car Faster

Having your car stolen is a horrible experience. It happened to Jessica Pickett this week when she phoned Columbus, Ohio police Monday morning to report her car was stolen from her driveway as it warming up. She also told police that her four year old daughter was in the back seat of the stolen car...
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