This Kind Of Food Creates Stress

You wouldn't think that food as being a stress inducer but there are actually foods that can cause stress in the long-term. A new study found that eating foods that are high in saturated fats may lead you to "develop poor stress coping skills" in the long run. Specifically, researchers found that...
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Many Children's Toys Are Simply Too Loud

The say if the music is too loud than you're too old. But when it comes to some children's toys, they really are too loud and that is concerning to pediatricians. The Sight & Hearing Association puts out an annual Noisy Toy List and it points out popular toys that emit sound levels above the...
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Lead Levels In Gradual Color Hair Dyes High Enough To Cause Harm

There has been debate as to the safety of hair dyes that gradually color grey hair away. At the heart of the debate is the use of lead acetate, the key ingredient that is responsible for the gradual hair color change. While lead acetate is found in many cosmetics, from lipstick to eyeliner, the...
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