Elf On A Shelf Breaks Leg In Skydiving Mishap

Many Elves on a Shelfs are known to my mischievous as they observe kids and report their actions to Santa. Each morning the scout elf flies back from the North Pole and sometimes catching a ride is the only way it can happen. That's what happened to Krisoff who is tasked with watching 9 -year old...
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Woodworker Recreates His Own Version Of The Christmas Story Leg Lamp

A Christmas classic is the 1983 comedy, A Christmas Story, which chronicles the purist of Ralphie Parker in getting a Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun with a compass in the stock for Christmas. But it isn't the BB gun that we remember the most rather fishnet stocking "leg lamp" the "Old Man" had won...
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Florida Man Blames The Dog For Shooting His Girlfriend

The dog. Man’s best friend has been the scapegoat for many of our follies, from eating our homework to the odd smell coming from dad's chair after dinner. But blaming your dog for shooting your girlfriend? That's what a Jacksonville man told police Tuesday night after police responded to the...
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