Keep Your Avocado Half Fresh For Up To A Week With Lettuce Leaves

Use lettuce leaves to wrap an avocado half tokeep it fresh for up to a week.
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Fall Foliage Might Be Late This Year

The Autumnal Equinox arrives Monday morning at 3:50am, which means the first day of fall greets us at the start of next week. And while we are enjoying pumpkin spice everything, the main star of fall will most likely be late this year. According to The Weather Channel, this year’s fall foliage...
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Interactive Map Shows The peak Dates For Fall Foliage

When you are outside it's hard to believe it is autumn but a quick drive up north and you'll begin to see the glorious fall colors as trees shed their leaves for winter. If you're able to get a few days off this month, you can plan a trip and be surrounded by brilliant reds, yellows, purple and...
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