Scent Preservation Kits Help Find Lost People

Last week a Homosassa Springs man was able to find his missing wife, who has dementia and wandered off from their home, all because a police K9 unit was able to find her thanks to her scent. Scent Preservation kits have been around for a while with many law enforcement agencies offering them to the...
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Man Gets Fine For Not Keeping Snake On A Leash

Perhaps if the Ocala Cobra had been on a leash, it wouldn't still be missing . Jerry Kimball got a $190 fine for not having his pet boa constrictor on a leash. Apparently his four-month old Fire Bee Ball Python needed a potty break while at an educational meet and greet of snakes and reptiles at a...
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Footloose For Real: Valentine's Dance Cancelled Because Dancing Is Illegal

Straight out of Footloose, a small Oklahoma town has cancelled a Valentine's Day dance because of a city ordinance that forbids dancing. Many years ago, the town of Henryetta tried to regulate morality and passed a law forbidding dancing within 500 feet of a place of worship. Rosie LaVon's...
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Do You Have To Return Delivered Items You Did Not Order?

So you shopped Cyber Monday like a champ and soon your front porch will be filled with little brown boxes from all over the world, filled with clothes, gadgets, foods and more. But you notice that instead of one PS4 video game, there are two in the box. You quickly check your bank account and yep,...
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Florida Law Enforcemnt Agencies Warns to Avoid Creepy Clown Costumes Tonight

If you had planned as dressing up as a clown for Halloween tonight, you may want to reconsider your choice. That is a real warning from many law enforcement agencies in Florida as some trick-or-treaters say they plan to pack heat in the wake of scary clown sightings and some startled, trigger-happy...
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