Is It Okay To Use Hand Soap To Wash Dishes?

At one time or another you've had to improvise in the kitchen. Dirty dishes have piled up and you have run out of dish soap. So you give your hand soap bottle a couple of pumps into a sponge and get to scrubbing. But is hand soap effective and more importantly safe for washing dishes? Soap is soap...
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Battle That Oily Stain With A Stick Of Chalk

There are a lot of ways to get out food stains, such as red wine or coffee. But for greasy stains, like melted butter, you're usually left with little options. Until now. Next time you find yourself with an oil splatter or greasy stain on your favorite top, try pre-treating with a little chalk...
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Summertime Laundry Hacks To Keep You Cool

Nothing sounds less appealing than sweating away while your clothes are being cleaned and while we can get away with a couple of extra wears in the cooler months, the hot and humid summer months doesn't allow for a lot of easy re-wears. So here are a few tricks that'll make laundry go a little...
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Make Your Own Laundry Pods

With all the news of children accidently eating laundry pods, and even those doing it on purpose as part of a challenge, it's becoming apparent that the dangers of them outweigh the convenience they provide. But we've stumbled upon a DIY recipe to create your own laundry pods that are not only...
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Laundry Hacks When You Don't Have Any Time To Spare

Never fails that when you have no time to spare, you become derailed when the top you are planning to wear is wrinkly, has a bad smell or has shrunk in the last wash. We are believers that knowledge is power, so here are some emergency laundry hacks you should keep in mind when you are in a pinch...
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VIRAL PHOTO: Where Do All the Missing Socks Go?

There's a photo that has gone viral on Twitter, and it seems to explain where all of the missing socks have gone.
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