The Ten Funniest Words In The English Language

A new study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, took a look at what exactly makes some words hilarious. Scientist say they've found the ten funniest words in the English language. While words can be hilarious because of their meaning or connotation alone, this study simply looked...
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Six Solid Hours of Laughter Available On Demand

While you were enjoying Sunday, it may have been missed that May 6th is World Laughter Day. It's no laughing matter for Radio HaHa, an online broadcast which launched yesterday with one one podcast of continious laughter for six solid hours. As strange as it may sound listening to continious...
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This Scientific Song Created To Make Babies Happy

Music can make you feel so many emotions and can soothe the most savage beast. But what about a cranky baby? A child development expert, a musical psychologist, two Grammy Award-winning song writers and a vocalist say they've come up with a baby-friendly pop hit. There were some parameters from the...
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