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How clean is your desk?

We spend 8+ hours a day in the office,and most of that at our desks! So it's no surprise your desk can be a literal petri dish of harmful bacteria! But there are a few items that are dirtier than the average toilet, according to experts. Time to clean that phone! You are the biggest microorganism...
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You know how to use an egg, now use the shells!

You know you can do a lot with eggs...but do you know how much you can do with all those eggshells?! Take a look... Fill eggshells with soil to use them as biodegradable seed starters. Sanitize the shells and poke tiny holes in the bottoms with a sewing needle for drainage. Then, fill the shells...
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3rd Annual Daddy Daughter Dance

The 3rd annual Daddy Daughter Dance was Friday, March 2nd and we had a blast!! Girls were treated to chocolates from Thornebrook Chocolate , a gift bag from Cloud 9 , and flowers from Floral Expressions all at the gorgeous Sweetwater Branch Inn ! Memories were made, dances were had and dinner was...
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