Chef Offers Proper Way To Hold A Knife When Chopping Food

Picture yourself in the kitchen preparing to chop cilantro for your gooey guacamole. You reach for the cutting board and a knife and begin to chop. If you use one finger out to push down along the top of the spine of the knife when chopping, you're using your knife wrong! This position actually...
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Guide In Buying Kitchen Knives

Gifts for the cook should never include a knife set, so says Alton Brown, host of the Food Network's Good Eats for 14 seasons. In fact, he writes you only need three knives, a chef’s knife in the 8-10″ range, a large serrated bread knife and a utility blade in the 4-6″ range. Also get a decent pair...
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Victim Of Robbery Gets His Money Back By Hitting The Thief With His Car

Imagine emigrating from Portugal to Philadelphia with your family can be a tough move, especially when you are robbed within a month of moving to America. Late Monday night a man, his wife and the couple's small child were all in the car and pulled to an ATM at a bank. As the immigrant pulls out...
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