Kitchen Items To Keep Out Of The Dishwasher

Based on its name alone, you would assume cooking and kitchen dishes are meant for the dishwasher. But not all cooking utensils should be cleaned in the machine. Cheese graters should be washed by hand as sticky cheese cannot be completely cleaned from the grater holes. Same goes for a garlic press...
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Cleaning Your Kitchen Sponge Won't Make It Clean

For many people washing your kitchen sink sponge is a good way to get some extra uses out of it before replacing it. But cleaning it apparently does nothing to rid it of all the germs hidden inside its porous surface. A recent study found that regularly cleaned sponges, such as those zapped in the...
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Tough Kitchen Odors Be Gone!!

No matter how big your kitchen is, sometimes you can't escape kitchen odors! Kitchen scraps, food wrappers, and leftovers plague our cans. Want some tips for a clean smelling kitchen? Check out these simple ideas for a fresh kitchen smell! Brew some coffee- No matter what you’ve cooked in your...
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Avoid Disposing OF These tems Down Your Kitchen Sink

Done any time cooking in the kitchen you know the garbage disposal is a wondrous machine. While making the sound of a freight train blowing through your home, it quickly chops up pieces of leftover food so it can easily slide down the drain to happy pastures. But that doesn't give you a green light...
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Open Floor Plans May Lead To Over Eating

Open-concept living spaces are extremely popular and may be a reason why Americans are getting heavier. New research at the University of Notre Dame suggests having such easy access to the kitchen may lead to overeating. Two study groups where served buffet-style meals. For one meal, the students...
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Tips for Staging Your House For A Quick Sale

The housing market is in much better shape than it has been over eh past few years. That also means there is more competition to sell your house. So when its time for an open house, here are some easy staging tips to help your house fly off the market. #1 on the list? Color! Experts say the biggest...
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