The Key To Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables Is To Keep Trying

Healthy eating habits are developed in our early years and for many kids vegetables are a hard sell. Tight-lipped when a green bean approaches their mouth? Keep trying is the advice from a new study that say the most effective way of getting greens into their diet is to keep offering vegetables,...
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Smart Handbag Uses Fingerprint To Open & Alerts You When You Stray Too Far From It

The smart handbag will soon be a reality as one company's Kickstarter campaign has easily been reached, which means the FYB London handbag will be available the end of summer. @Beauty_Informer FYB London the Worlds SMARTEST Handbag — FYB®London (@FYBLondon) May 17, 2017...
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Simple Trick You Can Do To Keep Your Salad Lettuce from Becoming Soggy and Soft.

MMMM, that salad you had last night was delicious...and from a bag of all things! You can't wait to get home tonight and once again enjoy that delicious salad for dinner. However when you open the salad bag you opened last night, the lettuce is no longer crisp and firm. It's flimsy and gross and...
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Is This The Last Moment Of The North Central Florida YMCA?

The Gainesville community is being asked to help keep the North Central Florida YMCA open as time is running out for the cash-strapped organization to avoid going out of business. The Y needs to raise $1.5 million to pay off its debt and keep the doors open. So far the community has raised about $...
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Do You Have To Return Delivered Items You Did Not Order?

So you shopped Cyber Monday like a champ and soon your front porch will be filled with little brown boxes from all over the world, filled with clothes, gadgets, foods and more. But you notice that instead of one PS4 video game, there are two in the box. You quickly check your bank account and yep,...
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