Teens Smoke Less Weed In States That Legalize Marijuana

For years lawmakers have cautioned that marijuana would act as a gateway drug for teens, in that it would be the first stop of a lifetime of increasingly harder drug use. But now that 33 states and the District of Columbia have either medical and recreational laws, some with over 20 years to...
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Man Breaks Into A House To Smoke Marijuana Only To Discover A Caged Tiger

It's not always Florida that is home to news of a weird nature. Houston, Texas has its fair share too after a man broke into a house to smoke marijuana and was surprised to see a caged tiger! Police were skeptical about the anonymous tipster, who called police last week to report he saw the tiger...
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This Bandage Hack Should Keep It On Your Finger Instead Of Slipping Off

Just when you think you've mastered a skill, you find out there's a better way. In the world of cuts and self-adhesive bandages, this little hack will up your first aid game. When you get a cut on the tip of your finger or knuckle and cover it with a Band-Aid, it usually falls off your finger or...
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Kids Of Divorced Parents Fair Better With Joint Custody

When couple decide its best to end their marriage, the majority of times, mothers receive full custody of the children in 80% of divorce cases. However a Swedish reports suggests that is all wrong. In fact they found that kids have a harder time missing one of their parents than they do coping with...
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