Company Creates Human-Size Mask Of Your Pet

We love our pets and for some there is no limit on how we express this love. Perhaps the creepiest way to show love is to get a human-size make of your pet! A Japanese company has started making masks that are uncomfortably realistic and mirror your cat or dog’s face . The "My Family" line of masks...
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Ziploc Storage Bags Make It Into The Fashion World

Some fashion trends can leave you scratching your head questioning its existence! While Gucci, Yeezy and Dolce & Gabbana are well-known fashion brands, Ziploc isn't. Until now. Yes, the reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bags and containers found in your kitchen can now be worn like clothes...
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The 22lb dumbbell That Holds Your iPhone X

If you gonna use your phone, might as well get a workout. That's the though behind a new iPhone X case, which is attached to a 22lb dumbbell. Dubbed the Macho Case and created by the Japanese cell phone company Softbank, it securely holds your phone in a polycarbonate that also covers a solid iron...
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Company Offers Paid Time Off To Compensate For Smokers Taking Breaks

Do smokers take more work breaks than non-smokers? One Japanese company has heard their non-smoking employees and feel they deserve an extra six days of paid vacation as compensation for their smoking peers taking regular breaks throughout the day. A spokesperson for the company said that an office...
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Should Non-Smokers Get Extra Paid Time Off As Compensation For Smokers Taking Breaks?

Yes, Smokers take time off from work to smoke, so I should get compensated.
100% (3 votes)
No, non-smokers can also take scheduled breaks and not smoke, so there is no need for additional paid time off.
Total votes: 3
A Japanese company offers an additional six days of paid time off a year for non-smokers as compensation for smokers taking 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Do you think your employer should offer paid time off for not taking breaks to smoke?
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Ice Cream Popsicles That Don't melt Are A Reality

Nothing ruins a hot summer faster than an ice cream that starts to melt, run down your hand and leave you with a cool soup! Not to worry as Japanese scientist say they've created melt-less ice cream! In particular popsicles that don't melt. It's all because of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of...
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Pizza Scented Bath Salts Turn Your Tub Into A Pizzeria

Who doesn't love pizza? The smell alone can make your mouth water. Speaking of water, now your bath tub can smell like a freshly cooked pizza pie. A Japanese company, Village Vanguard is selling bath salts (no, not the bad drug kind but salts that are made for the bath tub). For about $3 a package...
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10,000 Steps A Day Is A Myth And May Be Dangerous For Some

If you use a fitness app then you know about the number 10,000. That's the standard number activity trackers prompt users to walk a day. However you can rack this one with the 8 glasses of water a day routine. The 10,000 steps has no scientific evidence as being the minimum required number of steps...
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