Old Jack-O-Lantern in a compost bin

The Story Behind Jack-O-Lanterns

According to Irish folklore, Jack was a devious fellow who outsmarted the devil time and time again.
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How To Keep Your Pumpkins To Last Longer

Halloween is a fun-scary holiday but there is nothing scarier than a sunken, sad pumpkin. Don't let your festive carved pumpkins go from sweet to scary. Put on a delightful display all season long with these tricks to extend the life of your pumpkins. First, handle your pumpkin with care and try...
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Pumpkin Carving Tips For A Longer-Lasting Jack-O-Lantern

With less than two weeks until Halloween you may wonder when is the best time to carve your pumpkin and transform the orange gourd into a jack-o-lantern. A hallowed out pumpkin will last anywhere from five to 10 days before it attracts flies and mold begins its rotting stage. However we have some...
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