Removing Melted Candle Wax From Carpets

Most imporant when wax first meets carept is to slow the spread of the melted mess
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Avoid These Face Mask Laundry Mistakes

By now you've accumulated a few cloth face masks and like any article of clothing, they need to be cleaned for them to be effective. But there are some laundry pitfalls you want to avoid when cleaning face masks
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french fries

The Best Way To Re-Heat French Fries

French fries are incredible when they first emerge from the fryer. However they are lackluster when re-heating them in your to-go box. While you could re-fry them, who has the time or want the hassle of doing that? Instead, reach for your waffle iron. Just heat it to its highest setting, place a...
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Meatballs Diminish The Health Benefits From Tomato Sauce

Peanut Butter and Jelly, peas and carrots, burger and fries. Some foods are just made to pair together but next time you make spaghetti and meatballs, you should ditch the meatballs if you want to reap all the health benefits from the meal. A new study finds that the anti-cancer properties of...
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Pick The Winner Of Game Of Thrones & You Might Win A Trip To Croatia

While the world begins to say goodbye to Game of Thrones after eight seasons, many are wondering how it will all end. But instead of discussing your theory on how who will sit on the Iron Throne, why not enter a contest where the prize for correctly guessing the answer is a trip to Croatia ! One of...
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Things We Clean Too Much

Many times we focus of items that are not cleaned but there are some things you can clean too much and that can be an expensive lesson and perhaps be a hazard for good health. Did you know that spraying wood cleaner on furniture too often can make it dirtier? The wax used in many sprays can create...
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Kitchen Items We're Storing Wrong

As we have found out numerous times, we've been living out entire lives doing things incorrectly. That includes items that are stored in the kitchen. Here are five kitchen items you may be storing the wrong way. If you place your sharp knives into a utensil drawer, you're doing it wrong. Not only...
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Take A Photo Of Your Stove Before Vacation

Vacation season is here and for all the planning, saving, packing and booking you done, you should take a picture of your stove before you depart. Add to that, snap a picture of your thermostat and even your iron. A recent survey of 200,000 people found that 33% said they worry at least once a week...
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Del Leppard Launches Beer Line

If you're planning on rocking out to Def Leppard in Tampa August 18th, you can celebrate by cracking open a can of Def Leppard pale, a brand new beer that will be available, as of May 23rd, at Def Leppard concerts as they tour the world with Journey. Def Leppard ale is a creation of the Elysian...
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Iron Man Suit Stolen

Avengers Assemble! Iron Man's suit has been stolen. Police in Los Angeles say they've been alerted to the theft of an Iron Man suit from a movie prop facility. The crimson-and-gold costume was used in the original 2008 Iron Man film, which starred Robert Downey Jr., and apparently went missing...
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