A Dream Job For You And A Friend

There's been many dream jobs that involve traveling, vacationing and working with celebrities. However this dream job is unique in that you can bring your best friend along too. A remote island off the southwest coast of Ireland is Great Blasket Island and The Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop...
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Liars Tend To Be Male, Rich And Living In America

Apparently there's an epidemic of pants-on-fire! A study surveyed 40,000 15-year old teens from 9 countries and found that boys lie more often than girls. It also found that children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds tended to lie more often than those from lower ones and North Americans appear...
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Selfie Seats May Be The Key In Keeping Picture-Takers From Killing Themselves

Between March 2014 and September 2016, 127 people died around the world while attempting to take selfies. More and more people are putting themselves in danger attempting to get that perfect picture. But one politician says he has a solution. Jim Daly is Ireland's Minister for Mental Health and...
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Dark school corridor

WATCH: Footage of Haunted School Will Give You Chills

Based on footage captured by the building’s security system, it looks like there may be a ghost enrolled at Deerpark CBS, a school in Cork, Ireland.
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