Apple Starts Releasing IOS 10 Update And What You Need To Know Before Installing

Today is the day that iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch users will see the familiar red dot tagging the settings button. Apple will start to roll out the IOS 10 update. Some of the updates include settings to view two Safari web browsing windows at the same time, new Markup feature for messages lets you...
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Apple Debuts iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Well the iPhone rumors were confirmed yesterday as Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The faster processing phone's new features include complete water resistance, longer battery life, stereo speakers, a 12 mega pixel camera lens on the back that work as one for more detailed pictures (dual...
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Why You Shouldn't Put Your Phone On Your Chest While Sunbathing

A reminder to put sunblock on your skin when your skin is exposed to the sun. A little too late for Daniel Da Silva, who was on vacation last week. To his credit, Davis hails from the United Kingdom, so applying sunscreen may not be second nature to him. However during his first day of vacation on...
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Florida Man Says He Invented iPhone and Sues Apple

Thomas S. Ross of says that he invented Apple's iPhone, has the patent from 1992 and is seeking $10 billion from Apple for "great and irreparable injury" as the tech giant profited from his design. Between May 23, 1992 and September 10, 1992, Ross designed three hand-drawn technical drawings of an...
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